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Smart Tips For Your Next Move

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Smart Tips For Your Next Move

How To Properly Pack Up Your Framed Paintings For A Move

Nevaeh Simmmons

If you have an extensive and valuable painting collection that you need to move, then you do need to make sure that you pack the paintings properly so they do not become damaged while in transit. To learn about some tips to help you protect framed paintings, keep reading. 

Protect The Paintings

Paintings cannot simply be placed in a box with packing materials because small amounts of pressure can cause the painting to rip. This means that you need to fully wrap and protect the painting first before it is placed in a box. To do this, you should create a styrofoam box around the painting first. Foamcore or foam board will work well for this project, and so will sheets of polystyrene styrofoam. If you buy the foam board, make sure to purchase a one-half-inch-thick product to protect your paintings as much as possible. Also, the paper attached to the board should be acid free.

You will also need to buy something called glassine. Glassine is a coated type of paper that is used to protect delicate and valuable items like antique books, and it can be draped around your painting to protect it. Glassine is a non-porous type of paper that will resist grease, water, and debris. You can purchase the glassine from your local paper store. Buy a paper that is dye free, and also make sure the product is a bit taller than your painting and about three to six inches larger than the artwork.

Place the glassine on your floor or a table and lay your framed painting over the top. Fold the glassine over the painting and use either archival or packing tape to secure the seams tightly. Measure and cut two pieces of styrofoam or foamcore, making sure they are two to three inches wider and taller than your paintings. Set one piece of the foam underneath the painting and one on top. Measure the spaces around the sides of the painting and cut four pieces of foam to fit into the openings. Use tape along the length and width of the styrofoam to secure the foam in place.

Place Paintings In Boxes

Once you have wrapped up all your paintings, you will need to purchase boxes to fit the paintings into. You may need to purchase specialty boxes to fit the paintings if the dimensions do not fit with typical box sizes offered by shipping suppliers. Look for a business either online or in your area that allows you to order custom boxes. Measure the height, width, and thickness of each painting with the attached styrofoam. Add at least two inches to each dimension and order your boxes.

You will also need to buy some packing materials for the insides of the boxes. You should stay away from peanuts though. Packing peanuts tend to settle on the bottom of boxes and leave the tops unprotected and able to be crushed. Instead of using packing peanuts, buy air bags that contained compressed air instead. The bags provide a good cushion to minimize damage to your paintings. Make sure to buy smaller bags that are able to fit in your boxes.

Once you have your boxes and the air bags, place bags along the bottom of each box and set the paintings inside. Stick bags along the side and top of each box and close the containers with several pieces of shipping tape. Gently shake each box to make sure the paintings cannot move inside of them.

If you need to move your painting collection, then proper packing is necessary to make sure that damage is minimized during the moving process. If you need some more tips on how to move paintings or if you are confused about how to pack them, then speak with a professional moving service for advice.