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Smart Tips For Your Next Move

Hello, I’m Sallie. Welcome to my site about moving to a new home. When I decided to move, I was a total mess. I found myself running between tasks, not seeming to get anything done in the days before the move. Luckily, a good friend came by and set me straight with some smart moving tips. From then on, I was able to pack up, transport and unload my belongings with ease. I will share those same moving tips my friend provided me, as well as other things I had to learn on my own along the way. I hope to make your next move easier than ever.

Smart Tips For Your Next Move

Tips to Pack and Move Antique Books

Nevaeh Simmmons

If you have a large collection of old, antique, or vintage books that you need to move, then the books cannot simply be packed in a box like some of your other things. If you haphazardly pack your books, then they may become damaged. You can easily avoid this by following some of the tips below.

Support the Spines and the Weight

Most older books will have weak spines that can be broken easily. The binding weaknesses typically form over time due to old age. Poor-quality paper may have been used originally to create the books, and the paper may pull away from the binding. This will weaken the glue or the threads that keep the text blocks together. All of the pages in a text block can then fall out as the glue or stitches weaken, and the damage is often irreparable. 

Weak bindings should not be stressed any further, and there are a wide variety of ways that you can place stress on a book. A book that is set down with the binding facing up can become damaged. In this situation, gravity pulls on the binding and the pages of the book. This means that you should place books in boxes with bindings sitting against the side, like they are sitting on a bookshelf. The side of the box will support the binding. You can make sure that support is more than adequate by placing the books in boxes made with either double- or triple-walled fluted sides. Triple-walled boxes are often used as a substitute for wooden boxes, so they will stay strong against the book spines. 

If you do not want to spend a fortune on boxes for your books, then double-walled boxes will work fine. Make sure that you buy the boxes with the biggest flutes to ensure durability. C-fluted boxes are what you should be looking for. Also, smaller boxes are better than large ones. While you may be able to fit 20 to 30 books in a medium to large box, your boxes will end up weighing over 20 or 30 pounds since hardcover books weigh about one pound each on average. Going with smaller boxes and fitting about 10 books in each box will be far more manageable during the moving process.

Protect the Covers

Many antique books are covered in leather covers and bindings. This leather is likely to become quite sticky as it ages, and this occurs even if leather conditioners or dressings were previously applied. If these sticky bindings are placed next to one another, the covers may rip as they are pulled apart. If your books have not been previously treated, then they may be showing signs of red rot, where the leather has begun to dry out and deteriorate into a red powder. Dry books placed next to one another can rub together and cause further damage. 

To prevent your books from sticking or rubbing against one another, make sure they are fully covered or wrapped. You should use a coated type of paper that will not stick to the cover. There are two types of coverings you can use. Freezer paper is one covering, and this paper is inexpensive and can be easily found at your local grocery store. Use the paper for books that have not started to deteriorate significantly or for books that are not worth as much. Wrap the books with the coated side of the paper toward the books. Fold the paper around and tape the sides.

If you have books that are already damaged or are worth a great deal, then purchase some glassine paper. This paper is also coated, but it is made specifically for conservation purposes when it comes to storing, moving, or shipping things like books. Once your books are wrapped, you can place them in your boxes. 

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