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Smart Tips For Your Next Move

Hello, I’m Sallie. Welcome to my site about moving to a new home. When I decided to move, I was a total mess. I found myself running between tasks, not seeming to get anything done in the days before the move. Luckily, a good friend came by and set me straight with some smart moving tips. From then on, I was able to pack up, transport and unload my belongings with ease. I will share those same moving tips my friend provided me, as well as other things I had to learn on my own along the way. I hope to make your next move easier than ever.

Smart Tips For Your Next Move

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Corporate Moving Company

Nevaeh Simmmons

If your company frequently moves employees around or offers relocation services to new hires, you may be looking at hiring a corporate moving company. A corporate moving company works with your company to provide moving services to your employees following the budget and guidelines set forth. Using one company, rather than several companies based on the location of the employee, helps to ensure all of your employees are treated fairly and that the company is familiar with your budget and business needs. When hiring one of these companies, there are many factors to consider, such as what they charge and if they are insured. You likely know to consider these factors. However, there are many other factors you need to consider that you may not be aware of. Here are a few of the lesser known factors that you should consider when hiring a corporate moving company.

Points of Contact

One key factor to consider when you are looking to hire a corporate moving company is how many points of contact within the company you will have. Some companies will allow you to have one point of contact. When you need something, you contact this one person, and they will handle everything else within the company for you. Other companies may have various points of contact for you within the company. For example, you may have one point of contact in moving services and one in billing. Or you may have a point of contact in the different offices you work with, such as one in their New York office and one in their Los Angeles office. Decide how many points of contact you would prefer to have and then find a company that best aligns with what you want.

EDI Capabilities

Another factor to consider when selecting a corporate moving company is whether the corporate mover has EDI, or electronic data interchange, capabilities. This allows a moving company to securely submit moving paperwork electronically, typically through email. This can make it easier for you to then forward the information to your employee or to communicate with a moving company who may be on the other side of the country or even the world. This also makes it easier to get ahold of the bills your company may have for moving services and pay those invoices, rather than waiting for them to come in the mail.

Other Services

The last factor to consider when selecting a corporate moving company is what services outside of moving services they may offer. Many corporate moving companies will either offer relocation services or work with other professionals who offer these services. This may include real-estate agents or property managers to help your employees purchase or rent a home. A corporate moving company may work with professionals who can assist with enrolling children in school or turning utilities on at the new home. There are a variety of services that someone new to the area will need, and many corporate moving companies either offer these services or can refer your employee to a professional who does. This can make moving easier on your employee and help them get settled in faster.

Deciding which corporate moving company to hire can be a big decision, and there are many factors that you need to consider. In addition to looking at the costs associated with different companies and how much insurance coverage they offer, pay attention to how the company will communicate with you and what services they offer. Looking at all of these factors will help you hone in on the corporate moving company that best meets your business needs.

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