Smart Tips For Your Next Move
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Smart Tips For Your Next Move

Hello, I’m Sallie. Welcome to my site about moving to a new home. When I decided to move, I was a total mess. I found myself running between tasks, not seeming to get anything done in the days before the move. Luckily, a good friend came by and set me straight with some smart moving tips. From then on, I was able to pack up, transport and unload my belongings with ease. I will share those same moving tips my friend provided me, as well as other things I had to learn on my own along the way. I hope to make your next move easier than ever.

Smart Tips For Your Next Move

  • Shared Storage? The Top Questions About Sharing A Rental Space

    25 July 2022

    Should you share a storage unit? In 2020, self-storage use hit a high, with almost 13.5 million households choosing this option, according to the Self Storage Association. If you're ready to join the millions of Americans who use self-storage but aren't sure if you need your own individual unit, take a look at what you need to know about sharing a rental. What Are the Benefits of A Shared Rental?

  • Five Tips to Improve Labeling of Items When Moving

    16 February 2022

    Packing up your entire household to move is a huge task that few people enjoy. And in the rush to get this job done, many people fail to properly label and organize their stuff — making unpacking and setting up your new home even harder. How can you avoid this mistake? Here are five tips for any type of move.  1. Hire Movers. When you hire professional movers, you not only get someone to do the job of transporting your heavy stuff.